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Why Bligson?

We believe in the power of capturing daily, positive achievements to guide us through the process of change. You will find that telling achievement stories transforms your mindset. It cultivates an optimistic outlook and greater self-awareness.

Use Transformation Journals to craft personal narratives of change, growth and wins: with minimal effort and maximal effect.

Elevate Happiness

Elevate Happiness

We support you in creating an "everyday transformation ritual". Capture and celebrate your best daily experiences. By focusing on compelling experiences, we empower ourselves to overcome challenges.

Enhance the Power of Storytelling

Enhance the Power of Storytelling

Using AI capabilities specifically dedicated to transformation we automatically turn experiences into compelling stories. Storytelling becomes much more fun and efficient.

Everybody can write with Bligson

Create Transformation Journals

Create Transformation Journals

It's not just the process of storytelling that counts. Your journals will become tangible, like tokens. For years to come, they will testify how you navigated the challenges life was throwing at you.

Stay in Tune with Happiness

Stay in Tune with Happiness

Analyze the happiness-trend of your experiences: the heartbeat of your Transformation Journals. A growing happiness trend will encourage confidence.

Inspire & Engage

Inspire & Engage

Transformation Journals are valuable content assets. Share compelling narratives with loved ones, colleagues, or clients on social media. Better even, publish your journal as your very own portfolio or book. Your stories would become catalysts for connection, inspiration, and growth.

How it works

collect - write - impress - analyze - inspire


Daily experience collection

With our platform, you can document all your accomplishments. You evaluate and manage based on factors such as dates, quality and privacy and you group them with tags. With customized notifications, you get daily reminders to capture the best of the day.


Automated story creation

By leveraging conversational AI technology, you can effortlessly convert "experience-tweets" into captivating stories. Even people who usually do not like to write will find it fun and easy to select a topic and watch our AI contribute to paragraphs… It's like magic!


Craft Transformation Journals to Impress

Journals are like personalized story galleries. Customize journals exclusively for yourself or invite others to contribute, read and write. From family to work colleagues, community members, and beyond, your stories represent the power to inspire leaving a lasting impression..


Real-time Transformation Journals Trend

By charting your daily experiences, you can visually track your happiness level by evaluating accomplishments. This awareness can effectively help foster mindfulness and self-awareness.


Create & Share Inspiring Stories

Print stunning portfolios, posters, booklets, or hardcover journals tailored to your liking. Our platform supports API sharing, booklet printing, front cover design, and PDF file generation. Embrace the joy of content creation and share your inspiring journey with the world.


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What they say about us

joy, game-changer, inspiration, valuable tool…

"Navigating a challenging career change, I discovered the transformative power of Bligson. This system has truly revolutionized my journey! Its effectiveness has earned my trust and I am inspired and motivated to move forward. I eagerly anticipate creating even more meaningful memories and stories to share."

Lera Jankowski, Krakow

"In the aftermath of my cancer operation, I am bravely forging ahead, processing the rapid and unexpected events that unfolded. Bligson has become my sanctuary, allowing me to focus on the positive moments that occur every day. Sharing my stories with my family, who eagerly follow my journey, strengthens our bond as we navigate these transformative changes together."

Berend Achterveld, Amstelveen

"As a Ukrainian and co-founder of Bligson, my life took a complete turn after January 24, 2022. Fortunately, I didn't lose my loved ones, although I lost the life I once cherished. Anxiety and stress became constant companions. Through this journey, I found that storytelling can truly help with big life changes. I've discovered that life reveals vibrant hues. It is just working for me."

Anna Khort, Valencia